Risqué UK singer-songwriter Indiraa strikes again by boldly teaming up with Bollywood’s mass-award-winning music producers, Shankar Ehsaan Loy (SEL), in a thrilling collaboration of distinctive east-meets-west numbers to be released in 2013. This is Indiraa’s biggest project to date. Joining her and SEL is an accomplished production team, including No.1 hit-maker/mix master Pete Hammond, Jah Waggie & Lenny Zakatak of the Alan Parsons Project.

Indian-born Indiraa stormed to prominence with her infectious electro pop hits, “I Get Off” and “Shrink”. “I Get off” is an audacious echo of life’s phases when people have no time for physical love and care, whilst “Shrink” is a gift to her psychiatrist, who had seen her through some of her toughest times. Both singles shot up the top 10 dance charts in the UK and US, making Indiraa a regular favourite with A-list DJs in the international dance scene, including DJs Paul Van Dyk, Eric Morillo and Judge Jules. The successes also proved right Indiraa’s instincts about broaching serious topics with a light touch.

Soon after, like Stephen Fry, Indiraa compelled popular culture to confront the taboo subject of manic depression with her exhilarating dance number “Bipolar”. It became an instant chart hit and gained entry into the Euro Clubs Top 100. With dynamism and a charismatic generosity pulsating in her music, Indiraa’s music has been quoted as being a ‘delicious…eastern/western soundclash’ with ‘throbbing, seductive …club-banger beats… [that] plunge you headfirst into massive anthem[s]’. Look forward to ‘losing yourself’ in her ‘sultry vocals’ and ultra-edgy lyrics, with hot, hot remixes, courtesy of uber hot dance chart gurus, Soulshaker.

Indiraa compares Soulshaker to a Wonderbra® as ‘they lift you up when you are down’. She has also worked with other acclaimed successes like Simon Ellis (musical director for Britney Spears & Spice Girls), Thomas Maher (songwriter and drummer for classic rock band, Emerald) and Yvan Silva (keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist for Emerald), who has also been Indiraa’s voice coach. She is now poised for success with releases signed and pending on Roton Music (Romania, Bulgaria), Hungaro Sounds (Hungary), Magic Records (Poland), Yummie Records (Netherlands), Made 2 Dance (Netherlands), Tronic B7 Records (Brazil, South America).

None of the international success has fazed Indiraa. She has long been a citizen of the world, travelling as a child with her father who was a pilot. She followed in his footsteps and trained to fly at UK’s Elstree Flying School. With all that overseas exposure, cooking diverse cuisines became second nature and now Indiraa’s infectious laughter is often heard emanating from her large kitchen where she entertains friends. It is intriguing to discover that the same vibrant performer who sets the stage on fire has a more familiar private side that makes her house-proud enough to do an interior design course specifically to design her own home!

She has also not always been a singer, but Indiraa is not one to do things by halves. After attending Twickenham Grammar School, UK, she moved back to Mumbai with her family, who placed a particular emphasis on sports. So Indiraa started playing tennis and soon excelled in the game, playing at State and National levels, ranking no. 6 in India, Ladies, and no. 2 in the State Championships whilst also being a Mumbai University Champion. She balanced this with studies that led to a First class Bachelors degree in Psychology and Statistics, and also attended Law College. Although she no longer plays tennis at Championship level, she maintains an avid interest in the game.

Indiraa’s drive to gain experience in different fields led her to the Beauty and Fashion industry. She worked with Mumbai’s top photographers before moving to the UK where she also qualified as a fitness instructor. Now she works out daily and trains her friends in her private gym when she is not touring.

Away from the glamour of the stage, her everyday life is on a farm with a host of rescued animals that she has a unique and loving relationship with. Unsurprisingly, most of them are named after prominent musical personalities and Indiraa knows each of her horses, dogs, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even ducks and hens by their special names.

She first started writing when her parents became ill. Her first song, ‘Indiraa’, was dedicated to her mother, Indiraa. The song writing was an exhausting but therapeutic process at a time when her only resource was to delve deep into her heart. She quickly realised her flair for writing and has since honed her talent and written dozens of songs, perfecting her technique to complete original lyrics in record time, sometimes in less than 90 minutes, during which most people would barely have had a meal and watched a TV programme. She is also known to rewrite large portions of songs spontaneously in the recording booth, all the time incorporating her wicked sense of humour wherever she can.

With a brand new album material now recorded and the release of a single featuring Maxi Priest in 2015, Indiraa is now planning her musical assault on 2016 with a much more personal album featuring singles which aims to tackle a lot of issues that many people face in their daily lives. The next single is a duet featuring a Brazilian artist by the name of Yvan Silva called Cosmic Vibration. Indiraa has also recorded a wonderful pop song tribute to her music hero Bryan Adams which hopefully will get people buzzing when he finally comes here to the UK to perform as part of his current world tour, lets hope he likes it too!

Not bad for a girl at Twickenham Grammar some years ago, with but a mere twinkle of a dream!


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