“One in a million” is often a phrase used to describe someone special, but such a phrase is also sometimes not adequate to describe someone who is not only special, but unique!  In such a case, the words “One in a Lifetime” can only truly describe and enrich us with a true sense of appreciation for such a person and for the journey they started and continue to embark on..

Indeed, there’s an old saying that tells us that when things are going well we should be best prepared for a turn in fortunes and that when things are not going so well and our journey is laden with obstacles, is when the chances are, we’re are on the right path!  They say, that something worth doing is never easy!

Indiraa’s journey started many years ago and has taken her on many deviations and pitfalls along the way but unlike many who gave up not knowing how close they were to success – Indiraa refused to surrender and with every new challenge grew stronger and more determined to achieve her dreams…  Indiraa’s success to date has been well documented but, it may well be her future ambitions that possibly lay the foundations to the final passage of an incredible journey that could very well be the End of the Beginning

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